Monday, 11 February 2013

Spending Ban - 2 Weeks In and Counting

I am officially half way through my first month of the spending ban. It's been easier than I thought and harder at the same time. 'Old me' couldn't go a day without having to buy something, anything be it a magazine, a new shampoo for the sake of it, or a pricey lunch from Itsu... Breaking that habit has been the easy part. The difficult part has been resisting those lovely nail varnishes ('ooh look at this new shade, perfect for spring') and inevitable new season make up releases. So - here are my confessions:

I bought:  Oz Theodora Palette (oops)
MAC Archie bits (double oops)
Oh, and a bath bomb from Lush, on my way home tonight....

Guilty as charged!

The Defence:  Well my defence is I knew about the release of the Oz Palette and the MAC bits before I decided to undertake this spending ban and I never said I wouldn't not buy them.  Flimsy? Perhaps.

However, two weeks in and my ISA is looking fuller than it has done for quite some time.  Aside from the monthly amount I've committed to save for my holidays, I decided that every time I'm tempted with something, rather than part with the £3, £5, £10, whatever it is, I'll stick that in a second ISA and I'll be able to see just how much I'm saving by not parting with my cash for these 'impulse' purchases.

Saving result:  The result of this? On top of my holiday savings I've managed to put away £175 in two weeks.

The weeks ahead: OPI Oz Varnish release is looming and yes I will be having another little splurge.  But a planned purchase is much better than an impulse one.  Anything else I see, I'm putting it on my birthday list (roll on May) and I'm ashamed to say it's getting longer and longer.

How is everyone else doing?


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    1. Thanks, that's very sweet of you. Yes, I've followed your blog and look forward to reading your posts :)

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  3. Lush always gets me! Especially their limited edition items, I always think "what if it never comes back" and I leave the store with 20 dollars less in my pocket:(

    1. Exactly - they replace a lot of their products quite quickly so you've got to strike whilst the iron is hot!

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    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thanks for commenting Marcela! I am now following you on Blog Lovin x

  5. I have tried to not buy makeup for a while.. it worked out pretty good, until I saw the new essie nail polishes from the new collection (don´t remember the name of the collection) :)
    All that went through my mind was "I NEED THESE"
    Well not all of them, but two of them :)
    I do not have any money now though so I will have to wait until I get some money.. which I will get next week..
    I think you have done a great job so far :)