Thursday, 7 February 2013

Urban Outfitters - Lust List

How did I not know that Urban Outfitters did home accessories?  I have since fallen in love with the following products which I want (need?.... no, want) for my home decoration project this year.  Curse you spending ban!! Curse you!

Gorgeous record table/stand - I own a lovely little record player but already I'm eyeing up my next purchase and something to sit it on:

Gorgeous record player by Crossley (I love the teal one above though):

This lamp freaks out my friend - but there's something quite cute about it (available in pink and blue) - can I get away with another animal in my bedroom?

OK, this is a must - grey polka dot duvet set:

A handy tin for storing those pain pills:

Wall art:

A little catch all tray for the dressing room - spare change and rings:

Now I just have to resist until May (and hope they are still in stock).


  1. I love everything in this list, especially the little trinkets tray, so cute! | I'm Having A Celine Giveaway

    1. I know, it's lovely isn't it? And such good prices too.