Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Best Home Buys this Month

Two things I've bought for my home this month which I had to share with you.

The first beautiful item is this amazing Silver Glass Pineapple from Rocket St George.  It was love at first sight and I spent 2 months on the waiting list before it came back into stock.  One of my projects this year is to revamp my living room and this is going to take pride of place... er, somewhere. But I had to have it.

The second is just something little but once again, I fell in love.  I bought this coral glass from Zara Home.  I'd originally planned to get 6 of them for my cocktail bar, however, the glass is quite thin and I imagine simply dropping an ice cube in would shatter them so I bought the one and decided to keep it on my bedside table, with my little trial sample products in (and where I can stare at it and sigh contentedly).

(Under the Sea)
I'd love to hear about what home buys you've fallen in love with - I'm always looking for more inspiration.

Take care.

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