Friday, 25 January 2013

Recent Home Buys & Spending Ban

For a while now I've been planning a spending ban.  I've armed myself with a book on how to stop shopping/spending like a mad woman (it may seem obvious to some, just don't buy stuff! But I'm from the school of 'but I need it' and 'just this last thing and then I'll stop'), a budget planner and a strong will to use up all the beauty products I've convinced myself I need (no more until they are all gone).  I will then be able to save for the holidays I plan on taking this year.... I hope.

Anyhoo, before this ban was in place (as of today, Friday 25 Jan, until say March (or whenever MAC see fit to release the Betty and Veronica range in the UK)) I bought a couple more home buys.

Big project this year: revamp my home.  Photos up, as and when it's finished.

So here are the latest additions:

As mentioned, I love things with animals on, so obviously I couldn't  resist these.  By the way, if you are concerned (as is my husband) that my house is going to start resembling an Ark, then you would be completely right.

The cushion is a soft suede and around 42cm x 42 cm:

(Tiger Kitty Cushion - Culture Label/Ohh

The coasters -also from Culture Label:

Anyone with any recent home buys to share, I'd love to see them (animal related or otherwise).

Take care x

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