Monday, 28 January 2013

NOTD: OPI Liquid Sand

My friend Kat and I had a day out to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford (blog to follow later in the week).  I wanted to choose a nail varnish the would fit the occasion (yes, I am that sad) and I decided on this.  OPI's Liquid Sand in 'Stay the Night'.

Initially when I tried the first colour in the set I wasn't won over, but this shade has done it for me.  It's a charcoal black and hopefully you can make out the little red sparkles - it reminds me of embers in a fire place.

(Stay the Night)

Rather than buy the bigger bottles that OPI do, I always get the mini set they bring out with each collection.  This one comes with the four colours from the Mariah Carey range (why they chose Mariah I have no idea, but there you go).  The shades include a bright blue 'Get Your Number', a bright purple 'Can't Let Go', a red 'The Impossible' and as above 'Stay The Night'.


The varnishes weren't as matte as I was hoping and most people have commented 'ooh love the sparkles' which wasn't what I was hoping for.  I think if I want that truly matte effect I'll have to plump for the Nails Inc Concrete.  But these Liquid Sands have great staying power and take a lot of effort to chip.  Of course the removal isn't much fun but they last for a while and look great.  All in all I'm glad I didn't go for the full size versions but for a little play around now and then they are perfect.


  1. Awesome! I visited the HP studio tour a couple of months ago, they're AMAZING x

  2. Such a good day out - and Butterbeer is yum!