Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MAC - Archie's Girls

I could not be more excited about this one - browsing the web I discovered that MAC are bringing out a new collection entitled 'Archie's Girls'.

Anyone who was a fan of these comics growing up (I might be giving my age away here) will share my glee.  They'll be available in the states soon and in the UK a little later (if what I read is correct).  I cannot wait to get my hands on anything they have to offer.  I was always a Betty fan myself. Anyone with more information? I'd love to hear it!



  1. OMG now way! I still have fifty or so of my old Archie comics. Just gave some away to some young cousins for Christmas! This is so exciting! Haha, I'm a loser.

  2. I know! So exciting! I shall be saving extra money here and there so I can get my hands on as much as possible. I'm going to have to dig out my old comics too now :)

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