Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pressies from Kat - Plus Reviews

Had lunch today and a long overdue Christmas present swap with my friend and fellow blogger Kat (  We decided to set a budget and knowing full well what each other loves this is the result:

Top Shop Socks (Penguins)
Diptyque Mini Candle (Feu de Bois)
Lush (Sandy Santa Scrub)
Aromatherapy Associates - Sample Bath Oils x 3 (Revive, De-Stress, Relax)
Top Shop Polish (Mercury Rising)
Babycham Set (with glass)

I am one happy lady!



I'm a massive Diptyque fan, have been for quite some time.  This candle is my current favourite.  A deep,  smoky, woody scent that is reminiscent of camp-fires   I shall be keeping it by my bed and burning it each evening.  A good tip that I've learnt is the glasses can be reused once you've finished.  Either for tea lights or as pretty little storage jars.

Aromatherapy Associates:

(The Little Mermaid)

I used the 'Relax' (above) in my evening bath (Ariel joined me, pictured above floating in the oil).  The smell spread throughout the whole of the downstairs of my house, it was quite a delight.  A really heady mix of Lavender and Ylang Ylang.  I used the Lush scrub also and my skin feels smooth as silk, no need for a body lotion tonight.  I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the oils out.

Top Shop Varnish:

NOTD: Mercury Rising.  OK, I know I should use this as a top coat with another polish but I fancied just trying it out on its own.  As usual the photo doesn't do it justice as the glitter flakes are a mix of black and amber and a lighter coloured beige.  It only took two coats to get a relatively even coverage and I'll be keen to see what it looks like on top of another varnish.

Lush Sandy Santa:

Never one to wait, I used this tonight.  WOW!  I forgot how much I loved Lush products.  Now this is what I a call a scrub!!  Not one of those namby pamby ones you get with little bits floating around in a mainly liquid base.  This was a full on sandy/sugary/salty scrub which had that familiar lush smell, which really took over the bathroom.  My skin was pink when I'd finished (I might have gone too far) but it felt smooth as glass.  As this was a seasonal product I will have to ask the staff for an equivalent.  Highly recommended.

Babycham Set:

Last but not least - I'll be adding this glass to my Babycham collection - now all I need is a little deer and I'll be in vintage heaven.

Thanks Kat xx


  1. Glad you liked them! Looks like Aerial enjoyed the bath too :) love the Topshop polish, might need one for myself, he he x

  2. Liked? Loved! Ariel is clean as a whistle ;) You have to get the polish - I feel another Oxford Street blitz coming on... ? x

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing all these reviews. Your week looks pretty awesome! Haha.

  4. You are most welcome. If only every week were like this! ;)

  5. Lovely post, do you fancy checking out my blog? and even following *cheeky request*
    I love your posts, definatly following, fancing following me? It would mean the world, sorry if i sound rude! - Keep up the good work, you'll be big one day! Ellie x

    1. Thank you for reading and posting. It's not rude at all to ask, I'm always on the look out for fun blogs to follow. I've set it up and shall have a good browse through after my evening bath. Thanks again! x

  6. Aww i love the topshop nail varnish and socks! so cute! followed your blog!
    check out mine?:)


    1. I have a slight obsession with Top Shop socks. Very cute! I've followed your blog too and shall have a good read through. Thanks again! x