Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Harcombe Diet Phase 2 and Me Time

This weekend I devoted some much needed me time to myself.

I've been on Phase 2 of the Harcombe Diet for over a week now and I really needed a weekend where I could avoid the temptation of food and to also have that perfect excuse to catch up on my new Made in Chelsea Box Set (I'm obsessed) and catch up on sleep.  I struggle with sleep but since starting this new way of eating, it's slowly becoming something that I find much easier.  Just goes to show that what you put in can affect you much more than you realise.  I've not been an angel - I've had a couple of bottles of nice red wine which you are allowed (ok, they say in moderation but I've never been good at that where red wine is concerned) but even with this, I haven't cheated once food wise and I'm feeling quite smug.  I'll do another weigh in shortly and report back on how it's going.

I've recently purchased some exciting cult beauty products which I'll be reviewing in upcoming posts (pic of one, below).  I shall also be undertaking a spending ban for February and March, as I've more than enough stuff to get through and I'm desperately trying to save money for a flight so I can have a good holiday later this year.  My excitement for the upcoming ,MAC Archies Girls' range is palpable and I need to get stashing some pennies aside so I can pretty much help myself

(One of the products I've bought and shall review soon)

Watch this space.... and take care x


  1. I just remembered my boyfriend has this in his bathroom and I never tried it last time I was there. I'll definitely be using it when I go back to LA to visit him in two weeks and I'll be reviewing it too! Hope you get on with it :)

  2. Hi Samuel - I've yet to try it also, I'll follow your blog and hope to read how you get on with it also :)